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Two basic configurations are available: SPEEDWALK™; horizontal moving walkways and SPEEDRAMP™ inclined moving walkways – or a combination of both in a single unit. These completely self-contained systems are designed to move people quickly and safely in a controlled manner between two points on the same level or between different elevations. Both can hold shopping carts securely in place unassisted. And every system is custom designed to meet your specific space requirements. So, when you're ready to move ahead, call us!

Westmont is the only company in the U.S. utilizing a belt-pulley system (instead of pallets). This allows us to create longer walkways that are more attractive, easier on the feet and easier on your budget-with fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance! The belt-pulley principle provides a smooth, unbroken treadway surface in virtually any environment, and the unique "floating comb" design permits both pedestrians and shopping carts to move easily on and off the belt surface. Both SPEEDWALK™ horizontal moving walkways and SPEEDRAMP™ inclined moving walkways can hold shopping carts securely in place unassisted.

Pictures of a speedwalk and speedramp
Speedwalk® | Speedramp® Applications
Airports Railway Stations Subways
Hospitals Sports Arenas Shopping Malls
Zoos Museums Exhibition Halls
Amusement Parks Factory Assembly Lines Department Stores
Picture of moving walkways

SPEEDWALK™ and SPEEDRAMP™, also commonly referred to as the following: Moving Walkways, Moving Footways, Moving Sidewalks, Auto Walks, Personal Rapid Transit, Passenger Conveyors, People Movers, Powered Ramps, Powered Walks, Shopping Cart Ramps


Westmont design and engineering staffs work closely with architects and contractors around the world to develop the system which is exactly right for each individual application.
Picture of passenger conveyor and shopping cart ramp

Typical Cross Section of Single Unit

27", 39", 48" or 56" Treadway Moving Handrail
Custom Widths available upon request Treadway Surface - Transversely Rigid Belt
0 thru 12 deg. Angle Treadway Support - Edge Rollers
500' Maximum Length (Speedwalk only) Upper Horizontal Transistion - 20' Radius
One direction - Momentary Reversing Floating Comb Both Ends
Drive Train - Motor, Gear, Reduction Unit Emergency Stop Buttons - Key Start
Manual take up with Tension Indicator Annunciator - for Safety Devices

Moving Walkways


If pedestrian movement is crucial for the success of your business the Speedwalk®/Speedramp® System is the solution to your pedestrian traffic jams. The Speedwalk®/Speedramp® Systems enables you to move large crowds over short or long distances within a limited space.

By maintaining a continuous flow of passengers, Speedwalk®/Speedramp® systems can eliminate congestion and potential accident situations. The smooth, uninterrupted flow of passengers - at speeds of 90 to 120 feet per minute - provides the control necessary to keep pedestrian traffic moving effectively.

Speedwalk/Speedramp units cost less to operate than pallet type moving walkways. The simplicity of a design with relatively few moving parts helps reduce maintenance costs in comparison to other methods.


Each Westmont Speedwalk® or Speedramp® passenger belt conveyor is a self contained powered belt type unit capable of operating under full design load for ascending or descending passenger service. Each unit is designed, manufactured , and installed in accordance with the standards set forth in the American National Standard Safety Code for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators and Moving Walks, ANSI A17.1 - 1990 including all revisions to date.

Each unit consists of a support structure, drive machinery, transversely rigid rubber covered belt riding on ball bearing rollers outboard of the treadway, floating combs at entry and exit ends, moving handrails, inside balustrades with stainless steel trim and decks, controls, safety devices and all other parts required to provide a complete passenger conveyor.

For complete specifications covering supply and installation of Speedramp® or Speedwalk® systems. contact Westmont Industries, 10805 S. Painter Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, (562) 944-6137 or Fax (562) 946-5299
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